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Mister Lister Music Production

John Lister provides original music for soundtracks, film projects, podcasts, trailers, and anywhere original music would be beneficial.

As a composer, arranger and musician, I also assist other songwriters in seeing their original works come to fruition as a fully-produced track. (See Collaboration section for more information)

Here is a short sample of a movie trailer I re-scored. That means the music track you hear is mine.

About John

John Lister is a Canadian composer and producer of original music, custom written, arranged and produced for your specific production.

He has a long and varied background in music, ranging from teaching multiple instruments at the Ontario Conservatory of Music, to playing in various bands, composing original music for the Confrence Board of Canada and currently working with several artists and groups world-wide.

Some recent comments ...

For 'Starry Nights', 'A beautiful and calming piece of music Well Done.'

For 'Night Crawlers', 'I absolutely love this piece of original music. Thank you for sharing your awesome talents.'

For 'Acoustic Strings', 'Beautiful!'

For 'EpicLand', 'Good Job!'

For 'Adventurers', 'Very Good!'

For 'The Rolling Hills', 'Sounds good, John!'